Job Shadowing Reflection

  1. What did you learn from your presentation? – What I learned from this presentation is that there are many different people who want to do different things. If we all did the same thing, we wouldn’t progress as a human race and discover new things. Diversity is the key to a working society.
  2.  How well do you think you did on your presentation? – I think I did average, I was quick when I spoke because I was nervous but most people are nervous when they’re presenting. The outcome of my grade was surprising but in a positive light.
  3. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation?– I could be calmer and try to incorporate more information into my presentation and try not to procrastinate and keep to the schedule of work days that we are given
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation?– I Like I said, I would have put down more information in the long run because that would have helped benefit my grade and raise it just a couple more points.
  5. Finish the following statements:
    A.   I wish that I would have given more of the required steps in my slides, but I can’t be upset because I did get a decent grade.
    B.   If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t be so nervous, stutter, and talk quickly.
    C.   Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I will use this information in future presentations so I can remain calm but also have a good attitude when presenting.

Play Doh


When we began our activity, I had no idea what I wanted to do. First, I wanted to make a plate; because I want to be an executive chef when I’m older. Then I decided that I would attempt to make the head of a cat because I have 10 of them, but that didn’t work out. Then, I attempted to make a music note, but it just didn’t look right. After the music note I tried to make a toddler or a baby crawling, but the anatomy just wasn’t to my liking, and it just looked like a blob. Eventually Mrs. Maslowski said she was going to go around and start spraying down the desks for us to wipe off after we put the play-doh away; So I started to redo the torso of my baby, but then I flipped it over and looked at it properly. It looked like the head of a mouse or maybe a rat, so I had to work with what I had. The body could have been thinner, as well as the tail, but I was on a time limit. I made this mouse because it reminded me of when I used to have a snake. She was a Ball Python named Nova, and we had her for four weeks before we gave her away. We did this because she just wouldn’t eat the pinkies that we got her. If I knew today that I would have had to hand fed her we would have probably kept her.

Popular Social Issues of 2018

In this poll for the most popular social issues of 2018 on the website called ISIDEWITH, I picked the topic of Abortion, Pro-life or Pro-choice. Throughout the United States, the vote came down to 38% for Pro-life, and 62% Pro-choice. The 32 percent that had chose Pro-life, 31% chose Pro-life without any exceptions, and the other 6% chose Pro-life, but would allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother and the child. The 62% that chose Pro-choice had 52 percent for only Pro-choice, 4 percent that think that the government has no right to ban abortions, another 4 percent choosing Pro-choice but having women be provided with Birth control, sex education, and more social services to help reduce the amount of abortions. The final vote had 2% on it, which said that they were Pro-Choice but it should be banned after the first three months of the pregnancy. In most of the states, the votes for Pro-Life had a majority in the late 20s and mid 30s, where as the pro-choice had a majority of votes between late 50s to the early 60s. Reading the comments, Both opinions cannot rule out, as people see fetuses as humans, and the others think it’s the mother’s choice if she wants to be pregnant or not; since it’s her body.